When Dale Bowman founded AM PM Diesel Services in the Spring of 2009, his goal was centered around providing superior mobile fleet maintenance to the businesses of Houston. As service manager for several major truck companies, Dale had often realized the need for more independent mobile fleet maintenance providers in Houston and surrounding areas. Dale brought his mechanical and diagnostic skill, his knowledge of the diesel service industry and his commitment to excellence together to create AM PM Diesel Services. Our company has grown from 2 service trucks at one location to 20 fully outfitted service vehicles in 5 major markets. The mission of AM PM Diesel Services is to combine excellent customer service and unparalleled fleet maintenance for your business.

Founded in 2009, AM PM Diesel Services of Houston, TX has grown to be your premier choice for diesel fleet maintenance and repair. Our company is now located in several major markets around the US and Canada. Our main goal is to provide your business with extraordinary fleet maintenance to fit your company’s unique expectations. We know how important your service fleet is to your bottom line, and it is our job to keep your tires rolling. We understand that the number one priority for your fleet is to maintain safety and compliance with all Local, State and Federal regulations. Your business needs to work with a professional operation in order to make sure this happens, and at AM PM Diesel Services, that’s what we do. We maintain fleets of all types throughout our specific markets, with special knowledge of the extra maintenance needed within the fleets of the oil and gas industry.